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Сайтостроение и вебразработка


HealthCanal.com is a high-traffic internet portal, dedicated to providing students, post-docs, researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies and educators with timely, close-to-the-scene information and news about Health and Medical Breakthroughs. The website needed a complete overhaul, both visually and technologically - while maintaining the high search engine traffic and familiar UI for the returning visitors.

Our team came to the rescue - we developed a detailed transfer roadmap, dividing the project into manageable chunks and tackling the challenges one-by-one with the Healthcanal's editorial team - the new structure, the design and finally the transfer, all executed flawlessly!




Healthcanal recognized that they needed to change — innovate, but keeping the best from the past: the rankings, the loyal visitors, the intuitive UI. The stakes were high — in the worst case the portal would have lost the majority of its readers. We are proud to be trusted with that project and we delivered on our promise.

  • 45% Increase in Content Consumption
  • 87% Increase in Donations
  • 82% Increase in search engines visibility