Веб дизайн

Сайтостроение и вебразработка


Planemed is a seasoned company with a big vision - make first class German medicine available to the patients around the globe, solving the complex medical cases, removing logistical, language and planning barriers. From the beginning, the management understood that Internet would be a cornerstone of the operation - both for discovery and post-visit service.

We at Ristretto were proud to get the opportunity and inspired by the company goal. In a short time a website specification document was developed and approved by the customer. Unique design quickly followed. And after rapid development and QA cycle the website went live!




Planemed had a business challange — reach out to prospective customers abroad and generate quality leads through online operation. Ristretto developed  a winning concept that delivered on that vision.

  • 37% Increase in Inbound Organic Traffic
  • x11 Increase in Lead Generation
  • 168% Increase in Brand recognition