Branding: Medical Tourism company Y&Y MedConsulting GmbH



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Die Hintergrundinformation

Y&Y MedConsulting organizes medical treatment for CIS patients in Germany's best medical institutions since 1998. Y&Y MedConsulting needed to refresh the look and feel of its brand to preserve the appeal to it customers.

Ristretto did just that! Through a series of cross-board meeting we captured the "spirit" of the company to make sure it is preserved in the updated Corporate Identity package and the new company website.

Project Backgroud


das ergebnis

Y&Y MedConsulting challenge was to modernize its brand look&feel and add online presence into the mix, while maintaining the recognisability of its established brand.

  • 45% Increase in Traffic Retention
  • 67% Increase in Inbound traffic
  • 158% Increase in Search Visibility