Euro-Asia Ltd. Luxury Watch Retailer


Advertising campaigns management (PPC)

Conversion rate optimization

Web design

the story

Euro-Asia Ltd. is the Rolex and other luxury watchmakers representative and reseller in Israel. The company operates through the prestigious Watch Show boutiques and its own authorized resellers.

Company website plays a key role in the business operation and aims to achieve two distinct sets of business goals for the consumer and business segments. For the consumer - it serves as a discovery point of the latest company's offerings. For the potential resellers, the website should show the brands represented and provide a convenient contact point.

Project Overview

The company’s management decided to invest in lead generation through paid advertisement in Google search engine and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. In a very short period of time, we’ve managed to create several campaigns and landing pages, that were delivering incredible results and high-quality leads with clear intent to buy the luxury watches!



We are not in the liberty to share the actual results, however, we are can say that we are proud of:

  • High-quality traffic with great conversion to leads!
  • x10 Increase in Lead Generation

And of course, the overall improvement of brand awareness and side-effects results in tremendous!