Website Development: Euro-Asia Luxury Watch Retailer


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Euro-Asia Ltd. is the Rolex and other luxury watchmakers representative and reseller in Israel. The company operates through the prestigious Watch Show boutiques and its own authorized resellers.

Company website plays a key role in the business operation and aims to achieve two distinct sets of business goals for the consumer and business segments. For the consumer - it serves as a discovery point of the latest company's offerings. For the potential resellers, the website should show the brands represented and provide a convenient contact point.




Euro-Asia had a business challenge – they needed a website that will provide a single primary touchpoint for both consumers and potential business partners while maintaining simplicity and luxurious UI. We introduced a concept that delivered on that vision.

  • 25% Increase in Traffic Retention
  • x10 Increase in Lead Generation
  • 68% Increase in search engines visibility